About Us

Our mission goal and vision is to grow into recognized brand, synonymous with excellent in service and quick turnaround.


We are South African! We are IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICE. We are a proud cream of the corporate South Africa, ensuring our legitimacy in terms of our strategic commitment we value:

  • Leadership : Applying the vision, experience and energy of a strong leadership team to the pursuit of profitable growth.
  • Business Conduct: Professionalism and integrity in the conduct of our business
  • Open and Honest disclosure of information
  • Resolution of disclosure by direct personal discussion
  • Partnership: Building trust with our partners, suppliers, financiers and advisors
  • Innovation: Encouraging new ideas and better solution to maintain a competitive edge
  • Customers: Gaining preferred status by delivering the projects products and services that fulfil customer requirements
  • Employees: Enhancing diversity in our workforce


We are driven to: 

  • Form partnerships with our clients to provide sustainable business solution that are economically viable adding.
  • Participate in black empowerment particularly women by forming partnerships and strategic alliance with various groups who share a common vision with us.


We foresee the company competing in the market, not only by offering acceptable profit margins that suit each individual client but also value significance of social responsibility in terms of our involvement with communities, providing employment and working hand in hand with business forums to stay informed of criminal activities in different areas, charity groups as well as various organizations promoting safety and anti crime. Our core service is to provide integrated security solutions which are holistic, practical and affordable with key objectives of proactive risk solution


IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICE is a locally-focused security company in South Africa, with branches in Johannesburg, Mpumalanga and Durban with many security officers who provide unmatched security solutions to meet the specific needs of thousand of businesses.

Our Mission

IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICES is a knowledgeable leader in the security industry, which means that we know our customers and their markets in order to understand their specific needs. Everywhere from small store to warehouses our employees are making a difference .IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICES can respond to unique and specific security challenges facing our customers by tailoring our officering according to their specific demands. IPHUPHO SECURITY Services Solutions organizes its operations in a flat, decentralized structure with the business segments of Security Services.

Security, be it on a commercial or individuals basis has become intricate need to all South Africa .The question that are foremost in people’s mind today are how safe is my business ,home properties and family “How honest ,good ,well trained and equipped is the security service ,I have at recent moment? It is Widely known that crime in South Africa is so advanced and sophisticated that the existing crime fighting agents(SAPS) and the security industry )find themselves having catch up with the new methods being employed by criminals. IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICES is committed to the delivery of a professional security services that is second to none. IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICES have been refined carefully and thorough research. All our security personnel are well trained and capable in what they are responsible . We are therefore well equipped to answer by delivering your entire security questions.

  • Specialized Guarding Physical
  • Guarding Retail service
  • Events Management Healthcare
  • Facilities Commercial Security
  • Industrial Security Residential
  • Security Access Control CCTV on site and off site monitoring
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Electronic Early Warning Detection system
  • Live Patrol Systems
  • 24hr Control Room

Cost-effective solutions for small and medium –sized business, homes and private individual’s. We live in a world in which concerns for safety and security escalate daily. From business perspective ,these uncertainties apply to the wellbeing not only of people but also of building ,equipment competitive information and research and develop information to be able to meet the increasing security demands ,we ‘ve chosen to concentrate security .That means we can dig deeper ,understand more and do our job better. We work closely with our customers to establish their priorities, action plan, performance targets and measurement system that ensure that we meet or exceed their expectations.


We aim to be a dominant force and one stop that provide all security and protective needs. We purpose to continue growing as we have been given market share, to nurture our team to professional maturity and to offer a service that is trend setting.


Our company takes pride in its basic three cornerstones ,which are independence ,teamwork and quality services .Being a fully independent company provides us with the attitudes to make prompt decisions that are client suiting .Working in team encouraging, Motivate ,Teach and guiding each other has brought us success and sense of belonging to all the team members.


a) Integrity –Exercise maximum confidential in all the dealing with client .We also promise to be completely honest.

b) Dedication –Being dedicated to the protection of our clients, their property, employees and visitors.
c) Customer Focus-Offering the best professional services and being sensitive to our entire client needs.
d) Flexibility –Being able to react as swiftly as possible to the ever changing security needs.
e) Results Orientation-To always provide quality services and satisfaction the first time around.


We do not believe that the individual performing benchmarks established by security officer’s board are adequate and guards receive supplementary training in Firefighting, safety, mental skills and first aid .Notwithstanding, training is a function of the specific site requirement and our personnel are equipped according to these requirements. Where necessary we use a unique recruitment and selection system where we make use of the service of our contracted specialist psychologist who undertakes detailed and exhaustive evaluation all candidates prior to them being employed. The selection process makes use of a uniquely designed integrity evaluate, which we have found to be extremely efficient in rooting our undesirable candidates before they commence work.


It is vitally important for us to maintain contact with our clients at the highest level in order to deliver quality customer service Due to this concern we operate an open door policy where our clients are encouraged to contact Senior Management, we also realize the need to make surprise visit to the site that we provide security in order to keep our personnel alert and on their toes.


Our employment and operating practices are distinct from the industry‘s norms specifically introduced in order to combat bad practices and benefit our customers .All staff undergoes initial three months of probation ,earning the industry minimum wages. Acceptable performance is considered sufficient reason to undertake further three months probat ion, at a supplemented wages whereupon performance in the field is evaluated and the member appointed to staff to full pay and benefit.


At IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICE, we are committed to our responsibility in respect of safety, health, and the environment which are integral to the way we do business. When we conduct our business of building a legacy that every employee their families and future generation can be fiercely proud of we will: Develop, implement and maintain management system for safety, health and the environment that are consistent with international recognized standards, and which enables us to:

  1.  Entrench safety as value for our people which is not compromised
  2. Identify ,access and manage risk to employees, contractors ,service providers
  3. Strive to achieve industry best practice ± Meet and where appropriate, exceed applicable legal and other requirements.
  4. Set and achieve target that promote the efficient use of natural resources and include reducing and preventing the generation of waste and air pollution.
  5. Minimize the impact of our activities on climate change.


Management of every operation group is responsible for the full implementation of safety health and environment management systems. This requires the allocation of appropriate resources and the provision of training, education, consultation, audits and monitoring to ensure compliance


  • Iphupho Security Service works under the guidance of international ISO 9001 standard Quality System Model for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing as its standard for quality assurance.
  • IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICE (ISS) is committed to the delivery of quality products and services in full compliance with its contractual requirements.
  • IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICE and its operating companies are committed to continue improvement of its products processes, systems and services to ensure first things first and right service delivered first time.
  • IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICES encourages all employees to participate in achieving its stated objectives.


Direct Empowerment score, including equity ownership and management, Black economic empowerment is a social and economic transformation is essential for the sustainable development of South Afr i ca and for i t s future competitiveness. Empowerment is a critical element of that transformation.

IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICES is also committed to empowering its staff, the black business partners with whom it works with, as well as supporting supporting local communicates with which it is associated.
IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICES supports the concept of the balanced scorecard as outlined b the South Africa Government ‘s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) We intend to participate in various forums and industry bodies in order to achieve a quantifiable and consistent definition covering all aspects of the balanced scorecard.

The corporation is actively pursuing ways of increased procurement from black empowered organizations and the development of long –term relationship with employment partner organization through joint ventures on contract specific basis.


IPHUPHO Management Solution believes that continuing investment in human capacity knowledge skills and community stability is fundamental to the future of a stable country and a viable business, Job creation is vital.
With poverty and unemployment figures being as high as they are in this country, it remains of utmost importance in IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICES development thinking that the creation of employment and the development of skills are focused on.
The common goal of management at Iphupho Management Solution is to create a working environment in which all employees are actively assisted to develop to their full potential. A key principle is to develop individual capabilities to ensure independent mastery of skills and execution of job.


At IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICES We believe in clear value recognizing the interest of communities, being transparent in our dealing and following best practice governance practices. In line with each our employees have identified communities and projects for involvement and funding, selection projects according to the nature of the needs and our ability to make a difference.
An empowered community is one that grows and thrives. We also understand that empowerment must be sustainable and that communities need committed partners to make goals attainable. We make an effort to become actively involved in the projects we support and make our support personal.


Management staff has the required experience from a diversity of field that enable us to deliver on assignments awarded to us.
It is a stated objective of the company to remain wholly or at least majority owned by black South African, in keeping with the Economic Empowerment imperative of the country.


THE IPHUPHO SECURITY SERVICES executive committee has been enhanced over the years by the appointment of key operations managing director’s corporate executives, taking into consideration the following factors. The scale that has developed in the Group and in many of our operations The increase complexity of our business model Growth of the firm’s business unit. Growth in new areas of market opportunity. The demand of employment equity in South Africa. The accelerated succession across all levels and dimensions


Our Operations is headed directly by our Directors who have over twenty years of combined experience within the local industry. Our hands on approach ensures complete client service satisfaction and strong relations with our clients. Our management has extensive experience within the industry which is our key attribute to endorsing proactive quality service


As an important client of our firm, you can be assured that you will get time and attention from some of our best team. The core team consists of the following.