Iphupho Security Services

24hr Control Room

We offer to our clients piece of mind through our 24-hour control room, which is manned by professionally trained operators. Our Control rooms are the central place where all, dispatching and requests are sent. 

Access Control

We provide state of the art Access Control system typically including locked gates, doors or barriers which can be opened using identity authentication methods such finger prints or smartphones to allow entry to a building or certain area.

Physical Guarding

Physical security describes security measures that are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm.

CCTV on site & off site

Our CCTV on & off-site monitoring solution boasts best-in-class capabilities for both commercial and residential estate environments. With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, we greatly improve monitoring analysis and eliminate observation fatigue.

Retail services

We offer Retail Security Services. Primarily we operate in preventing theft. This is typically by observing shoppers and identifying any irregular shoplifting activity. Ensuring public safety is key.

Early Warning Detection

Electronic Early Warning Detection systems offer both home and industry properties a further layer of security. Early intrusion detections are picked and reported to our 24hr control room where resposonse is sent for assessment of threat.


Our employment and operating practices are distinct from the industry‘s norms specifically introduced in order to combat bad practices and benefit our customers .All staff undergoes initial three months of probation ,earning the industry minimum wages. Acceptable performance is considered sufficient reason to undertake further three months probation, at a supplemented wages whereupon performance in the field is evaluated and the member appointed to staff to full pay and benefits


Health Care